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Case Study 3


Published July 11 2022

Rimac is leading the way in both the advent of the true electric hypercar and with the supply of turnkey high performance electric powertrain solutions to OEMs.

To meet the challenges presented by EV transmissions, Rimac engaged Hewland and the wider Hero Motors Group to produce their refined transmission components enabling them to not only bring vehicles such as the Nevera to market first but also support various OEM’s with their ambitions to electrify their premium vehicle platforms.

Hewland’s manufacturing know how and volume derived manufacturing processes, enables them to act with expedience delivering complex EV transmission components to exceptional tight tolerances. Utilising Kapp Gear Grinding Hewland delivers a variety of transmission components which require a high degree of refinement to meet the challenges presented by electric vehicles with requirement to minimise transmission error through optimising micro geometry on gears and controlling tight tolerances in production.