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Case Study 1


Published July 11 2022

Revo is defining what commercial vehicle powertrains of the future are. The exciting Californian based company are leading the way in Powertrain-in-a-Crate supply for large commercial vehicles.

Revo utilises proprietary e-axle and battery integration designs to enable OEM’s and fleet users to electrify commercial vehicles. To facilitate this, Revo working with Hewland developed a class leading solution to utilise 2 electric machines through a 4-stage selectable planetary transmission.

Hewland developed the novel design, focussing on performance, packaging, and its ability to manufacture in mass volume. The ground up design focuses on the need to reduce BOM cost whilst maintaining the required performance, weight and durability required in this rugged application. 

The transmission design focuses on the unique robust planetary system with an integrated shifting mechanism to achieve the multiple ratios required at different stages of vehicle operations.